COVID-19 | Useful information

In light of COVID-19, many residential and small business customers are experiencing financial stress. This in addition to the governments increasing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are seeing an increasing number of people choosing to stay or work from home. We understand the current unprecedented events have impacted income and working arrangementsContinue reading “COVID-19 | Useful information”

Manage your communication preference.

From time to time, you may receive information regarding your account, our products and services and upcoming changes to the way you are billed for your energy. If you wish to Opt-out of our marketing materials and special offers. Please get in contact with our team via the form below. Please note: By Opting outContinue reading “Manage your communication preference.”

Can I leave the Embedded Network?

All energy customers have protections and rights, however they can be different if you buy from an exempt seller; compared to when you are buying your energy from an authorised energy retailer. Should you wish to obtain your own retail contract with a retailer of your choice, you will need to to this by choosingContinue reading “Can I leave the Embedded Network?”

What to do when my power has been disconnected.

If your power has been disconnected due to non-payment, please contact our office to discuss your account. We will advise the amount outstanding and the options available to you.For RMS Energy to reconnect your power, we require a complete supply agreement and I.D on record for the account holder. If you suspect your power hasContinue reading “What to do when my power has been disconnected.”

What is a daily supply charge?

On your invoice you may notice a line item detailing daily supply/service charge. This is on-charged to recover some of the fixed costs of supplying energy to your home or business, including the cost of installation and maintenance of electricity meters. I don’t use electricity, am I required to pay the supply charge? Our customersContinue reading “What is a daily supply charge?”

How do I make a payment?

StrataPay is our payment facility, they offer several payment methods, these include: Internet Banking EFT Transfer Direct Debit Credit Card via telephone or internet BPay Cheque Phone: 1300 552 311Website: StrataPay Locked Bag 9, GCMC, Bundall QLD 9726 Australia Should you have any questions regarding your account balance, contact our billing team on (07)Continue reading “How do I make a payment?”

What is my NMI / do I need one?

A NMI (National Meter Identifier) is an identifier for on-market connection points. As you are part of an Embedded Network, you don’t require a NMI.There will be one NMI for the entire site, as this is the supply point the retailer sells energy to in bulk. You will have your own meter number, this isContinue reading “What is my NMI / do I need one?”

How is my average daily energy calculated?

We understand understanding energy isn’t for everyone, but we work with you to help you understand your energy usage patterns. You should expect to see an increase in peak periods like Summer and Winter, and lower usage in the shoulder periods like Spring and Autumn. Although, this can vary depending on where you live inContinue reading “How is my average daily energy calculated?”

What is an Embedded Network?

An embedded network, or embedded electrical network refer to centralised energy systems that serve multiple premises within a building and decrease costs when purchasing the energy source in bulk. Your building may include one or all the common centralised systems of electricity, air conditioning, hot water or gas. Where can embedded networks occur?– Apartment buildings–Continue reading “What is an Embedded Network?”