Energy saving tips

We strive to provide low cost energy and are here to help you reduce your energy bills. To help, here are some steps you may wish to take to start saving energy at home:

  • In summer, keep your home cool by closing windows, doors, curtains and blinds.
  • Try to use fans instead of air conditioners and set your air conditioner to 24°C.
  • In winter, reduce draughts by closing windows, doors and curtains.
  • Put in LED lights and turn them off when not needed. 
  • Switch off appliances at the wall—some keep using energy if you don’t.
  • Use cold water for washing.
  • Use a clothes line instead of the dryer.
  • Put in low-flow shower heads—ask at your hardware store.
  • Have shorter showers—no more than 4 minutes.

Wish to see how your energy usage compares to people in the area, Energy made Easy have more useful tips and tools to help understand your energy consumption.

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