Who we are

Who we are

We provide lower cost, greener, simpler and more transparent energy solutions for Residential and Commercial Strata Communities. Drawing on decades of experience in the industry, combined with our people, backed by knowledge.

Excellence in Everything we do

Excellence starts with our qualified meter technicians acquiring the meter data, through to our quality assurance and data validation, to invoicing, payment collection and full account reconciliation. RMS Energy also provide monthly performance reporting to provide and end to end service to make your life simpler and provide you with an understanding of your energy use.

Power(ed) by good people

We are power(ed) by good people. We believe in integrity, honestly, transparency,
forward thinking, sharing of information and supporting each other. All day, every
day. And we don’t settle for less.

Genuine value for all involved

We truly believe in ensuring every partnership is mutually beneficial, powering
better lives (and businesses) through shared value.
What does this mean? Not only do we provide the best service and most
competitive rates, but we structure our services in a way that ensures there are
better financial returns and added value to the businesses and communities we
work with.

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