Developer or Strata Manager

At Hum, it’s not just about providing specialist energy and bulk utility solutions
(although we are proud experts in the industry). To us, it’s about providing these
solutions while putting people, innovation and value sharing at our core.
It’s about powering better lives, better businesses, and creating better financial
returns for those involved. And this? Well, it’s what sets us apart.

Powering better developments.

We have the capability, resources and contacts to get the job done. Powering better developments with:

  • Bulk hot water systems
  • Sub-metering solutions
  • Value-share and innovation

Removing the cost, hassle and time.

As a property developer, in the hands of Hum, you can be assured every aspect of your energy and utilities supply chain is covered by a full-spectrum solution.

Body Corporate

We are accessible, we are human, we are mighty in what we deliver but we maintain what matters to our clients.
A truly personalised service and relationship.
Partnering with Strata Scheme’s to maximise value and deliver transparency.

Want to work with us?

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