Having an issue with your bill? We’re here to help.

We are committed to resolving all dispute and complaints in a timely, courteous, respectful and efficient manner. We place a high value customer satisfaction and strive to achieve excellence in this area.

How to make a complaint

Please contact our friendly customer service team by either of the following:

  • Email:
  • Mail: PO Box 10443, Southport BC QLD 4215
  • Phone: 07 5591 1341

We are committed to providing quality services which meet the needs of their customers. We recognise the value of customer complaints as an important tool in monitoring and responding to customer expectations. We shall achieve this by:

  1. Recognising customers’ rights to complain about their dealings with us.
  2. Ensuring that an accessible complaints management process is in place.
  3. Taking appropriate action to resolve complaints as required.
  4. Providing a mechanism for resolving complaints in a timely, efficient and courteous manner.
  5. Recording, assessing and reviewing complaints on an ongoing basis.
  6. Handling complaints in fair way.

Although we endeavour to solve your matters within a few days at the most, more complex billing investigations may take longer. We work hard behind the scenes, and will keep you updated.
We expect our customer service representatives to treat our customers with confidentiality and respect, we kindly request the same in return in order to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.

Have a question?

Alternative avenues for dealing with complaints

The Energy and Water Ombudsman in each state is a free and independent service that can provide information, advice and assistance to customer who feel any complaint is not satisfactorily dealt with.
All our customers in NSW have the right to contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) at any time for independent advice and information. EWON’s contact details are below.

Please note that ombudsman’s in other states and territories may not be able to assist customers in embedded networks.
We would strongly encourage all customers contact us directly in the first instance to allow us the opportunity to rectify any issues.

Ombudsman contact details

Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland
Mail: PO Box 3640, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Freecall: 1800 662 837
Fax: (07) 3087 9477

Energy and Water Ombudsman New South Wales (EWON)
Mail: Post Reply Paid 86550, Sydney South NSW 1234
Freecall: 1800 246 545
Freefax: 1800 812 291

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
Mail: GPO Box 370, Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: (02) 6207 1740
Fax: (02) 6205 4855

Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria
Mail: Reply Paid 469, Melbourne, VIC 8060
Phone: 1800 500 509
Fax: 1800 500 549

South Australia Energy Industry Ombudsman
Mail: GPO Box 2947, Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: 1800 665 565
Fax: 1800 665 165

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